Umrah Packages 2019

Special Offers Pakistan(offers may be with drawn without notice)
  • London to Lahore
    (PIA Airline)
  • London to Karachi
  • London to Islamabad
    (Etihad Air)
  • London to Peshawar
    (Gulf Air)

Fare Start From
(Middle East)
  • London to Dubai
    From £262
  • London to Kuwait
    From £337
  • London to Doha
    From £ 358
  • London to Abu Dubai
    From £155
  • London to Barain
    From £328

Fare Start From
(Far East)
  • London to Singapore
    From £460
  • London to Bangkok
    From £370
  • London to Hongkong
    From £369
  • London to Manila
    From £398
  • London to Shanghai
    From £467
  • London to Istanbul
    From £194
  • London to Manila
    From £599
  • London to Miami
    (TAP Air)
    From £398
  • London to Delhi
    From £362
  • London to Egypt
    From £318
  • London to Colombo
    From £555

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April 2019 Holiday Group Package

£1095 4 Person Sharing

Umrah is known to be the minor Hajj and is a Sunnah act performed at any time of the year except for the five days of Hajj, in which it is makrooh, or disliked, to perform Umrah

The word Umrah means a “Visit” in common speech however in Islamic terminology or shariah the word Umrah stands for paying a visit to bayt Allah al-haram

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